What Haute Couture Designers qualify to be on the French Chamber of Industry's official list?

The Haute Couture Designers that are registered and recognized for 2012 officially are:

For Members recognized as Correspondents meaning "Foreigners of France" we see the same as usual for this year only instead of Valentino, the V we see is Versace:

The list of requirements per the French Chamber of Commerce Fashion Division is very extensive! The couture houses that are on the list are to be commended for such strenuous dedication to their art and discipline!

Especially to be commended and worthy of recognition are the couture fashion houses that qualified to be on the list without the HUGE financial backing of the largest luxury goods conglomerate, the LVMH ie. they have under their umbrella: Hennessey, as well as a merging with Luis Vuitton, they acquired Givenchey in the early 90's, Dior is the largest, and Moët & Chandon (As in the bubbly) among other high-end divisions. Yes they own all of them, very interesting right! The LVMH last year reached over DIEZIOCHO DOSCIENTOS Milles de Milliones in European Currency of course! That is ONE followed by Eight followed by TWO, then 8 ZEROS, not dollars, but Thousands of Millions of EUROS! That spells big business! Is it any wonder that of the haute couture designers Givenchey and Dior are two of the major trendsetters in the fashion world?

In itself Haute Couture is not all that profitable of an affair or venture at all unless piggybacked by the prêt-à-porter (ready-to-wear) or other business models.

Amazingly noteworthy are the fashion houses that each year put out amazing inspirational collections on a limited budget. Like our collections of j-na couture, and we appreciate greatly your support of this website in pro of the great costs associated with the ART of Haute Couture! Thank YOU with all our heart! We love you!

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The Haute Couture Designers that are approved for the 2011 list.

The Members that can be found as approved correspondents that operate and are based outside of Paris, France are the following:

The Couture Designers that are former members on the official list for 2010 are the following Couture Houses:

The Members approved as correspondents that operate outside of Paris are the following:

Haute Couture Designers history is very interesting,

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For reviews many of the seasons Couture Designers' latest models and collections visit our fashion reviews pages. Click Here for your reviews!

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