Haute Couture empowerment & development
by expert couturier J-na!

Enjoy this liberating Haute Couture adventure as you embrace a high-fashion concept of what is truly you, and not a mass-produced version of what the fashion industry at large says what “you should be.”

We don’t want you to get lost in the crowd of faceless fashion followers, but we want you to stand out as someone that knows:

  • Who you are.
  • What you are about.
  • Where you're going.

This site includes:

See your true Couture self-concept develop, as you benefit from the years of couture experience and knowledge that my fashion design team and I have to share.

You will collect liberating insights from the decades of adventures in fashion I have acquired. You will also catch fresh edgy fashion insights from my son and head designer of the GSb Men's line Cal!

We also urge you to participate in all the pages of this site and add your own views and opinions, as that is how you grow and develop your best couture concept and really learn what works for you.

With the help of this site we want YOU to truly attain the joy and liberation of COUTURE LIVING!

shine and sparkle as your authentic self in 2013. This is couture living freedom by j-na couture!

Let’s start with defining haute couture and it's history. What is it? Where did it come from? What has it become? Why is it an important part of your identity and self-concept?

If you are in Chicago the weekend of the 21st............... and if you are not,....arrangements need to be made....... for your presence,...... is officially requested!

Do YOU want the opportunity to acquire a couture gown for a $25 raffle ticket?

We will raffle off couture gowns during the silent auction benefiting Project Onward, a non-for-profit organization supporting Chicago artists that have disabilities such as Autism and Downs Syndrome. 

First Step: Reserve your VIP Seating!                                                                                All Elite VIP Ticket-holders will receive a private showing, separate from the simultaneous public General Admission show, of all top level couture fashion and entertainment from the VIP Lounge inside the Couture Fashion Loft, with their own private entrance and elevator with opulent amenities.

Second Step: Reserve your room at the Drake Hotel on Walton,...NOT the Waldorf Astoria, as they are NOT a fashionable Hotel and do NOT support the Arts in Chicago.

j-na couture AW 2014/15.

J-Na Haute Couture from mariana berbecaru on Vimeo.

Press play and then click on the bottom right of the slideshow to enlarge to full screen.

To set up your
private runway showing of the
j-na haute couture collections click here.

See more collections in the haute couture galleries!

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