Jior (your) Couture: Handmade Smart Ties!  
A local initiative for a global charitable endeavor!

Jior Couture handmade smart ties are a sub-brand of GSb Men's Couture for specialty boutiques. They are handknit  smart ties and cuff links for a charitable cause! Hand knit by moms locally, and in third world countries that are being paid an american wage to make Jior (Your) exclusive one-of-a-kind neck tie!

What does the term "handmade smart tie" mean?

Well these ties are NFC enabled, meaning that they are readable by your smartphones that have the NFC function turned on. 

How do smartphones read the ties? 

When the NFC function on the smart tie is turned on, you simply tap the back of the smartphone against the smart tie's tie pin,  and the smartphone will pick up the signal of the NFC Micro-chip and be directed to the patented online platform that the chip is programmed with.

What information do the smartphones receive from the smart tie?

Since Jior (Your) smart-tie is handmade by a mom in a third-world country especially for you, when you tap your selected tie in the men's store you get the information on the stay-at-home Mom that you are supporting by your purchase. See a profile picture for her, see a video snippet of her knitting jior (your) tie, map out where she lives, read the bio on her family and why she appreciates Jior (your) support, also website and social media of the brand Jior Couture. 

How can i use this custom smart tie technology day-to-day?

When you take ownership of Jior (Your) Custom smart-tie, you can then easily reprogram the digital virtual business or personal card platform with the information that you want to share with friends and acquaintances when they tap Jior (Your) custom smart tie and cuff links they get it right on their smartphone instantly! Share your profile, website or blog, social media platforms, favorite song or e-book, all at once. The possibilities are endless, and the platform can be updated daily, or whenever you want!

See the in-store presentation that you will find on a digital screen next to the in-store display.

Let us know what you think please, and please help to spread awareness on this global charitable initiative, we are grateful for JIOR support!

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