The men in suits and ties that are custom fit to personality and best colors as well, will always have the upper hand. Learn how.

What is it with Men in suits and ties? You ask if a guy can dress, they ask to see him in a suit and tie. The suits and ties a man wears and how he looks in them say everything upfront about him. 

This is truer now than ever, look at Justin Timerlake now, what is the best hit?.... "Suit and Tie." That is the theme of the whole tour. Look at Robin Thyke, and the suits he rocks, they are bringing sexy back to the old hollywood glory days, that as relate to the suit and tie, truly never left. We are talking eternal celebrity fashion items.

Justin Timberlake ( Suite & Tie )

So how do you get in the classification of men in suits and ties that know who they are and where they are going that with one single glace broadcast vision, success, prosperity, and empowerment?

Here are some couture styling tips:

  1. Do some soul searching: Figure out who you are and dress in a way that celebrates your personality. There are some great Personality Profile Tests, books, and resources out there, in our design consult we have you fill out the by Dr. Robert Rhom from Personality Insights. Google his stuff, you will learn SO much about yourself and others, and how to deal with others, its AMAZING!
  2. Don't just window shop and browse catalogs and websites looking for something to wear. That is being a Trendy Fashion Follower. What that says to people about you is that, yeah I'm trendy but I'm a follower and don't believe in myself. Instead, browse and peruse with the objective of looking at new concepts to add and build your personal style, or couture concept. That way you are going from a ready-madder mindset to embrace the freedoms of Couture living! Very Exciting!

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What do you think about this? All of your fashion ideals and expressions are appreciated and encouraged!

Here are some ideas of concepts that you can incorporate into your personal style arsenal from our 2013 AW suits. With the suits, it is all in the Details that tell about you and what you are about. 

And Yes I am modeling the suits again, but it is because I really want to really communicate in through the photos the same principals I am writing about in text.

This is an example of how you can take an ECO-handmade  nice grey custom suit and make it a personal style statement with a unique neck tie and Bag.

Knit Ties are trending now, but you can really set yourself apart with a hand knit high texture tie. That is a signature that I personally make my own, and I love it because it is such a great conversation piece in the office or out for the night.  

You just need to know how much texture would be right for you, because with my high texture compassionate fur ties, I tend to get petted everywhere I go! 

You can also have a hand made traditional silk tie made, just make it distinctive, in your best colors. Again, make it your own. It will never go out of style!

Also see the manbag, hand made with recycled leather netted pockets on the outside. The key is that it is totally unique!

Here is another Professional Styling TIp: When wearing a solid dark suit color you can lengthen and slim your form and look by adding a light shirt up top and bright tie, then..

Here is another Professional Styling TIp: When wearing a solid dark suit color you can lengthen and slim your form and look by adding a light shirt up top and bright tie, then bringing the interest down by wearing light shoes, like in the photo. This is a trick that forces the eye of onlookers to go high low instead of wide. Very Slimming!

When becoming a part of the Top men in suits and ties elite, you can also add your personality to your suit with a scarf, the possibilities are endless.

The most important thing in couture living that it is hand made ECO, meaning that it is exclusive to you. 

You never want to be in the same place as another guy that has the exact same suit, tie, or scarf! That would be a disaster!

When you wear hand made pieces you also show that you are Green and sustainable, but also that you appreciate the art and craftsmanship that goes into custom clothes. 

Add a great scarf to your look that is hand made and in your best colors, something that no one else has.

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What do you think about this? All of your fashion ideals and expressions are appreciated and encouraged!

Now this top men in suits and ties couture combo is a part of the GSb Men's Couture Green Fashion Editorial. Emphasis on the the color green, this is dark and a GREAT alternative to your usual black and grey, which are overdone.

A great way to adopt a Top men in suits and ties club signature style is to have your suits done in you favorite BEST color for your complexion that is dark and a substitute for grey, brown, and black. 

Dark Green is the ECO color to sub for your boring black and Grey. Handmade and sustainable couture living.

This fabric is has interesting details, it's actually a fine denim suit with Metallic gold and red thread woven throughout! This is another great detail that will set you apart while at the same time not being too loud or audacious! Depends on your personality.

Also see the detailed buttons, they are hand-carved wood that look just like leather. Very bulky and add a substantial masculine detail which is another alternative to your standard ready-made button.

Be in the Top Couture men in suits and ties club by incorporating interesting details into your personal style.

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