The difference between supermodels and models becomes obvious when you work with ones such as Nyle Dimarco.
On ANTM and DWTS cycle 22 why was the emphasis on couture?

What makes models supermodels? I think when you see the full cycle 22 season of episodes, and pay attention to the makings of each model, the training, how they take direction, their attitude, professionalism, passion, raw talent, and what they stand for.

Early November just before the ANTM final season cycle 22 winner was announced we shot an editorial campaign with Nyle Dimarco and this was our experience exactly! This is what we have concluded from the experience and what we wish to propose to you:

Supermodels like Nyle must wear and promote couture brands, because this is what in actuality keeps the art of couture alive and current. The work put in to every garment should be appreciated against such great a backdrop as the living art of such singular and unique individuals.

Nyle Dimarco's Gsb Men's Couture and Jior Couture wearable tech shoot with Virginia Hodges Photography, and Tone Jackson Artistry. 

Updated Fashion Culture in Men and Womens Couture Lifestyle Freedom.

When Cal my son arrived he says that Nyle was in hair and makeup and he used his phone to communicate back and fourth with Virginia and Tone,  his calm way about him was very conducive to the flow of creative that would lead to such an ideal shooting environment and outcome. Yet below the calm and polite demeanor, the intensity and passion that he possesses was almost tangible it was so evident. This passion and drive would then manifest itself in front of the camera shortly.

Updated Fashion Culture in Men and Womens Couture Lifestyle Freedom.

He paid close attention to Cal as he explained and demonstrated how the wearable-tech works. We constructed various garments for Nyle that have built in a virtual spokesperson through a smartphone readable platform, that Nyle as a leader in the deaf community can use to communicate to people that do not speak ASL.  

Through a video introduction or online presentation, his professional information,  tap-and-share his new Learn ASL app. Any combination of the aforementioned that can be changed and updated daily. A useful tool to all wanting to make a lasting connection and replace their paper business cards with a wearable-tech platform for our virtual society.

Cal sensed that Nyle was a very attentive learner, and that he got the essence of being an ambassador for this cutting edge advancement in wearables. His communication was not limited, but we feel enhanced. He understood what we wanted for the shoot better than any other model that we have worked with.

Updated Fashion Culture in Men and Womens Couture Lifestyle Freedom.

The Wearable-Tech Jior Couture Charitable Brand that is made up of a men's style set of a knit-tie and cuff set. 

Before the shoot started, we ordered room service be delivered to the presidential suite, and like a professional model, of course he actually said he would wait until after the shoot ended until eating. The fundamentals of supermodels is to sacrifice, and give everything to the shoot at hand.

As you can see our first look for Nyle, as he so kindly first posed for a selfie with my son Cal. His first look was a hand knit crop top sweater so that Nyle can rock his famous BOOM BOOM BOOM as Tyra has coined. So it was a good move that he didn't have the fruit and cheese, because excess bloating would not have been very BOOM, well maybe literally!

Updated Fashion Culture in Men and Womens Couture Lifestyle Freedom.

The way that Nyle worked the angles and took the direction of not only Virginia, but that of Cal as the designer was said to be so smooth, it was streamlined efficient, and he had many poses in his repertoire, and knew exactly when to use them! 

Updated Fashion Culture in Men and Womens Couture Lifestyle Freedom.

Mixing moments of fun and levity to lighten the air and weight of the fashion world, we officially sign, "That's a wrap!"


Later that month, it was also "A WRAP" to the final season cycle 22 of America's Next Top Model when Nyle Dimarco was named the Final Winner as the last America' Next Top Model in history! 

He is such a naturally humble person, he had us fooled, we thought for sure that he didn't take the winner's title by a few comments that he said in reference to the show, but low and behold this guy held true to his contract, as supermodels often do, and he didn't give anything away! 

Supermodels and their Outtakes! The Photos taken from the camera screen look like high fashion editorial edits! 

This editorial is still up for grabs, so it will be interesting to see which publications will feature! 

Updated Fashion Culture in Men and Womens Couture Lifestyle Freedom.

Which magazines would you like to see this editorial feature in?
 Now that you have seen a top secret preview, share your thoughts with us!

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What do you think about this? All of your fashion ideals and expressions are appreciated and encouraged!
Updated Fashion Culture in Men and Womens Couture Lifestyle Freedom.

Nyle is introduced to his smartphone readable tap-and-share virtual spokesperson!


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