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Wear your Story! Comfort and Empowerment in your own skin.

Couture Fashion Editorial Blogs: Wear your story! What makes your story inspiring and unique? More importantly, how do you share your experiences? In our fast-paced society with a major focus on technology, contributing your verse to history has become more attainable.

This remarkable line from the GSb Men’s Couture Collection exemplifies the importance of celebrating your individuality. With the most recent NFC Technology Microchips embedded in these hand-made garments, the wearer can transmit their blog, social media, V-card or website to friends, family, and acquaintances simply by holding their smart phone over the garment, via a patented programmable Smartphone app. Compatible with the latest Iphone 6 and Androids, this modern concept is paired with the classic aesthetic of alpaca, leather, satin and wool details, along with an art fusion with high Texture lit up by LED lights. The juxtaposition of contemporary technology and timeless style allows men to access unprecedented customization.

The new Iphone 6 and Recent Android phone platforms are compatible with this NFC technology taking customization in men’s couture to a virtual level. What message would you transmit about yourself? We wish more fashion editorial blogs celebrated life in this way!

GSb Men’s Couture hand knit vest, alpaca tie, and shorts. Vest and Neck tie are embedded with NFC Technology Microchips enabling the wearer of the garment via a programmable Smartphone app to transmit to the NFC enabled Smartphone a virtual message or video introduction, or send the wearer’s blog, social media , V-card, or website to the people he meets as they hold their smart phone over the garment. 

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Gsb Men’s Couture Punk Rock Henley with textured Alpaca shapes, saftey pins, form fitting lace-up sides, shoulder enhancing design texture, and LED light panels. GSb men’s Eco-couture Rocker jeans. 

The LED NFC Tech Grunge Henley with rocker jeans.

The Punk Rock Henley is embedded with NFC Technology Microchips enabling the wearer of the garment via a programmable Smartphone app to transmit to the NFC enabled Smartphone a virtual message. 

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Gsb Men’s Couture hand knit compassionate fur Alpaca Coat with faux pelts. GSb men’s Eco-couture Rocker jeans. 

GSb Men’s Couture Satin Suit for Fall Winter 2014. St. Frimpong dress shirt with GSb Men’s Couture knit mohair tie.  GSb Men's couture neck tie that is enabled with NFC Technology and handmade by stay-at-home moms in 3rd world countries earning a decent American Wage.

GSb Men’s Couture satin suit for Fall Winter 2014.


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GSb Men’s Couture formwear chord overlay tank top with semi-sheer panels, and custom long johns.

This Fashion Editorial Blogs series.

Photographed by Darrell A. White


Designers: Cal Garcia of GSb Men’s Couture 815.513.2776

Eugene from St. Frimpong 7732168613

Model  J.E. Fleeks

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